Finding a Cure for Childhood Cancer - Mystic Force Foundation

Heroes Hangout is a Haven dedicated solely for our littlest Heroes battling Childhood Cancer, not open to the public.  
Kids with cancer spend weeks to months at a time in-patient. When they are not in-patient their little bodies are constantly immuno-compomised, so they must stay out of public places such as playgrounds and toy stores. One of the greatest influential factors of getting through these difficult cancer treatments is to be able to have fun, which often times is very difficult. Our Heroes Hangout will be a place where they can come hang out, 'shop' for toys (at no cost!) play video games, do crafts, and just have fun like all kids should. We will hold special events on the weekends and be available to our kids throughout the week. It will be a place for the parents as well, as they can enjoy the happiness on their children’s faces in a stress-free environment away from the torment and anxiety of the hospital and the potentially deadly germs of the outside world. Also, for some parents, the mere act of buying a toy to give their child some happiness is a luxury they cannot afford due to the ludicrously high cost of their child's cancer treatments. Here, there will be no cost for anything! Every item in our Heroes Hangout is or will be donated.
We are extremely grateful to the Dante Law Firm for sponsoring this amazing space. The beautiful epoxy flooring has been donated by American Epoxy, our 65” flatscreen TV and movie projector has been donated by Dr. Gian Carlo Perez, our storefront lettering was graciously donated by Miami Dips. Delonghi will be donating an Expresso/Coffee  machine for the enjoyment of our parents as they spend time watching their child having fun. Coca-Cola has donated a refrigerator to keep stocked with refreshments for our Heroes and families. We are thankful also to Classic Cars Unlimited, Devon & Blakely, Spine Solutions, Dr. & Mrs. John Ragheb,  Alan David Design, Carrie Perdomo, Jean Gold, The Reynolds Family, Commissioner Sally Heyman, JF Creations, Spine Solutions, Dr. Jonathon & Claudia Jagid, Yusef's Legacy, and The Vanni Family for donating items from our Wish List.
New items are constantly being added to our Wish List and donated by generous and caring individuals and companies that are banding together to help enrich the lives of our littlest Heroes.
  We are excited to bring our Heroes Hangout to our real-life Heroes. 

Our Wish List will be updated periodically and can be viewed here.

If purchasing from our Amazon List, (Or at any other time!) please use Amazon Smile and choose Mystic Force Foundation as your charity and a portion of your purchase price will be donated to the Mystic Force Foundation!