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Sal's Story

Salvatore Antonio Vanni
April 22, 2003
March 19, 2011


Salvatore Antonio Vanni, the inspiration of the Mystic Force Foundation lost his battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer and went to Heaven March 19th 2011, one month shy of his 8th birthday.
The Vanni family appreciates your love and support. They remain committed to finding a cure for this vicious disease.

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The true realities of Childhood Cancer.Imagine A World Without Childhood Cancer

March 19, 2011    After a very long and torturous 3 1/2 years fighting this disease, Sal lost his battle with Neuroblastoma cancer.
He passed away in the arms of his parents  surrounded by family and friends at Holtz Children's Hospital PICU.

February 2011  Scans show rapid progression of disease. Sal is transferred via ambulance from Miami Children's Hospital to Jackson Memorial's Holtz Children's Hospital PICU. He underwent a very experimental treatment in the hopes of saving him. Unfortunately, Sal never made it back home.

January 11, 2011 Sal is hospitalized at Miami Childrens Hospital with severe pain.

Jan 2011Scans show progression in the liver, taken off the ATOMIC trial, awaiting start of Jennerex Trial March 1, 2011

9/2010 - 1/2011 Phase I trial of ATOMIC Vaccine

8/2010  After near fatal side effects from the BSO/Melphalam, scans show stable disease with slight improvement.

7/2010 Phase I trial of BSO/Melphalam started.

6/2010  After an ultra high dose 5 chemo combination scans continue to be stable with no improvement.

5/2010  After high dose ICE chemotherapy scans show stable disease.

4/12/2010 Scans were under read in Minnesota and actually show further progression. At the present time Sal is undergoing ICE chemotherapy (the strongest & harshest of the chemotherapy agents) at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. 

March 2010  Scans again show further progression. Entered a new Phase I Trial of the Seneca Valley Virus*S in Minnesota. Sal is the first child in the world to have this new virus infusion. Sal must remain in Minnesota for 28 days until his body clears the virus and he undergoes disease reevaluation by MIBG scan.

 1/2010  After 2 cycles of hi dose chemotherapy scans show further progression with a new lesion found on his skull. Continuing on a new combination of hi dose chemo.

 November 2009  Scans show further progression. ALK Inhibitor trial is suspended. Starting High dose chemotherapy.
September 2009  Scans show new areas of progression. Aurora A Kinase trial is suspended. Surgical removal of lymphnodes were found to be positive for Neuroblastoma. Another Phase I study of a new experimental drug, an ALK Inhibitor was started.

August 2009 Scans show improvement and bone marrow biopsies are negative. Continue on Aurora A Kinase trial. Will rescan in 6 weeks.

June 2009 Scans show further progression. Removed from ABT751 study. Started new Phase I Trial of Aurora A Kinase Inhibitor.

April 2009 Scans continue to show progression and bone marrow biopsies are positive. A Phase II Clinical Trial of ABT751 was started.

February 2009 Scans and bone marrow biopsies showed continued progression of his disease. He is currently undergoing I131MIBG Therapy at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.

1/20/2009 At the present time Sal is undergoing another round of high dose chemotherapy and an additional 20 rounds of radiation to the right femur.  He was found to have relapsed on his most recent scans and bone marrow biopsies. Future treatment is dependent on the results of upcoming scans & biopsies.

Previous treatment and history can be viewed on Sal's caringbridge blog:

Salvatore Antonio Vanni
April 22, 2003 - March 19, 2011


On September 10, 2007 at the age of only 4 1/2 Salvatore was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer of the sympathetic nervous system that primarily affects children under the age of five. In his short life Sal underwent 12 surgeries, the main surgery to remove the initial tumor took over 12 hours,
55 cycles of chemotherapy, 50 rounds of radiation, endless amounts of blood tests, bone marrow biopsies, nuclear scans and blood & platelet transfusions. He went into kidney failure several times and had to have nephrostomy tubes placed and later removed. He spent more than 440 days of his short life in the hospital over 3 & 1/2 years in 7 different hospitals across 5 different states. He was a trailblazer as the first child to start in several Phase I trials. He was an amazingly happy child with a monumental love of life.


Please visit Sal's Caringbridge website by clicking here: